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Lot. 1. 13  Bie 13329 Sold   DC/C  $275  Sire Top Son of " Magic Maker " Bred 3 No.1 Ace pigeons of all America.  Dam: Alfons Klaas German Import  the only breeder that has ever bred the South Africa Race 2 times.   Again last year bred the Equal first winner  Same bird also was the Ace Pigeon from all birds entered in this race. 

Sorry  all Sold Out  We are taking deposits for birds of your liking bred this year.

. Please give us a call 707 410 6604

Lot. 2  13 Bie 13439 Sold BC/H  $200 Not a good picture but very nice hen from good winning blood line  Small and mighty great for the one loft races. Sire: 12 Bie 12376  A Son of Alfons Klaas German Import   Dam: A daughter of our Canadian One loft Race winner Only day bird won $10,000 For my wife Cindy



Lot 3 .13 Bie 13189  Sold  BC possible Cock   $300  Direct from " True Grite " 2007 AU No.1 Ace Hen of all America  She comes from our Top Schellens. Sire:  Schellens Import and son of " Super Star " Sold  For over $40,000

Lot 4  13 Bie 13469 Sold  BC/C  $250 Sire: 3rd Average speed winner Won $3,000 His Sire inbred " Rocket " Bloon Line  Dam " Schellens both sides. Won over $200,000 in the big one loft races.    

Lot 5 13 Bie 13165 Sold  BB/H  $350  Sire: " Star Dancer " German Schellens Import. His father sold for over $40,000  Dam:  Bred from a full brother of " Victor " the 2011 SAMDPR winner $200,000  Bred by Alfons Klaas.


Lot 6. 13 /Bie  Sold 13499  BC/C  $300  " The Bull " What a pigeon. Can Breed winners that win week after week. Sire A Top Breeder Son Of " Magic Maker " Bred 3 x No.1 Ace Pigeons of all America

 Dam: Gr Daughter of our Best Janssen Import " Bold Ruler "


Lot 7  Bie 13364 Sold DC/C  $500 Fantastic Cock Sire :Best Son of Polish Prince in America. Has bred First drop in 3 different one loft races. Polish Prince Ace Champion 40,000 lofts  10 x First Some of his top races   1/7603    1/7295   1/7156b  1/ 5909b  Dam: Direct daughter of our Schellens foundation cock " Warlord "

Lot 8 13 Bie 13510 Sold  BC/H   $250 Sorry Bad picture Parents  hand selected Schellens Imports  Down from Ace 499 full brother of " Warlord "


Lot. 9. 13 Bie SOLD  13408 DC/C  $350  Super in every way . Sire " Maximus " 690 0507 DV 09 His Sire Der Alfonso just bred the best SAMDPR bird 16th 3478b with only 53 day birds. for Alfons  Klaas  Also down  from foundation hen  Diana that bred 07 South Africa Race winner $200.000  Her full Bro. bred the 2011 South Africa Winner. Top One Loft birds in the world. Same blood line is now selling for over $4,000 in the World Ace Challenge auction. So the price of this bird at $350 is a bargen